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Dear Family, Friends, and everyone else who comes to this blog,

We have created this blog to keep everyone in the loop while we're living in Singapore. We'll share photos, experiences and stories here both for posterity and for everyone back home. In case you didn't know, Jeff is leaving to Singapore this coming Monday, while I will follow with Stan and Joe at the beginning of August (we have to take care of quarantine issues first).

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Thanks everyone for all of your love and support.

Jeff and Flora

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  1. Hi there :)

    Greetings from Singapore! Happened to chance upon your blog as I see that you are also a guest contributor to CozyCot Ezine. Likewise, I write for the "Travel" column... you might have seen some of my articles - on Tempat Senang and Cambodia. :) Glad to see the both of you enjoying Singapore. An explorer of my own country, i love taking the time to visit and explore off-the-beaten places in Singapore and follow up with a blog entry about my little adventure!



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