Birthday surprise.


Last Wednesday, I got a phone call at work from my father-in-law, Bruce. I was busy so I couldn't answer right away. He immediately tried my work number and sent me a text too, so I figured it had to be good (or bad). I quickly ducked out of the office and called him back. The conversation went something like this:

Bruce: "Hey, so I was having dinner with a friend and she was telling me about a cheap plane ticket to Sydney."
Me: "That's awesome! Are you guys going?" (I was thinking that Bruce and Anne (Jeff's Mom) were going to spend his birthday weekend with him in Australia) 
Bruce: "No. But we were thinking you'd like to go." 
Me: ::incoherent mumbling followed by nervous giggling:: "Wow, I'll have to check with my work but I'd love to go!"
Bruce: "Let me know as soon as you can. The flight leaves tomorrow." 

I told my f.i.l. I'd have to check with work and with my roommate (to see if she could dog-sit) and when I got things straightened out, I called him back and said I'd go. Ten minutes later, I had an itinerary confirmation in my inbox and a shitload of butterflies in my stomach. I told them not to tell Jeff, because I wanted it to be a surprise.

My bag was pretty much packed already since I was too lazy to unpack from the previous weekend jaunt to my Mom's house. My flight left Thursday evening from SFO and got into Sydney at 6:35 am on Saturday. I had dinner plans with my in-laws Thursday night and almost cancelled because of the flight, but since it left so late we had dinner anyway. It helped with my alibi of having had too much to drink and needing to go to bed early. In reality, I was boarding my flight about to go surprise my husband! Eeeeek! (By the way, in all the flurry I forgot to get a visa to enter Australia. Luckily I was able to get it from the United check-in counter. Imagine if I hadn't been able to? I would have felt so horrible, and Jeff's birthday surprise would have died right there in the international terminal of SFO)

About 14 hours later, I was flagging a taxi down at the airport in Sydney and on my way to Jeff's hotel. Jeff's parents had given me the room number so I went straight upstairs, knocked on the door, and was greeted by a drowsy Jeff with horrible bed head, shouting "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" This is what he looked like after I pushed my way in the room (I think he was kinda in shock and didn't think to open the door and let me in at first. Being rudely awakened by your wife at 7 am when you are least expecting her does that to you, I guess):
I was well-rested after sleeping the majority of the flight over, and he was just waking up on Saturday morning. So we headed out after breakfast to go wander around Sydney. 
The ceiling of the Queen Victoria Building.
Luna Park from across the water.
Jeff's parents ordered this yummy cake for his birthday and had it delivered to his room. It was so delicious! 

I am about to head down to the lobby for breakfast, then come back to the room to gather my things. My flight back to SFO leaves in a few hours but I am just going to go to the airport early anyway. Jeff headed off to work this morning, so it's just me now. I'll post more of our weekend later. Cheers!

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