Photos from our Father's Day weekend in San Francisco and Half Moon Bay. 

Jeff is in town this week on business, hooray! He's definitely been missed around here. The dogs are calm and it's nice to have my BFF back. We're trying to cram as much into this week as possible because this is the last time we'll be together in California for a very long while. One of the things we will do at the end of this week is empty out our apartment of furniture and whatever we've boxed up for storage (Still for sale: bookshelf, desk with hutch, glass display case, our car, lots of kitchen stuff... I'm tired of posting on craigslist because people are flakes).

Luckily for Jeff and his dad, they got to spend Father's Day together this past weekend. Bruce wanted to go to San Francisco on a bus tour (the tour was disappointing and was more of a bus stop than an actual tour). It was sort of bittersweet visiting all the places in San Francisco I've been to a million times, knowing that I will probably not be back anytime soon. We visited Chinatown, Little Italy, Fisherman's Wharf, the Ferry Building, and drove around many other touristy spots. The forecast called for cold, typical San Francisco weather but we lucked out and got a beautiful, warm day. Jeff and I even got sunburned.

For dinner we went to Moss Beach Distillery. I don't think it's a distillery anymore, just a restaurant that overlooks the beach and has great food (we got two orders of the oyster shooters... I could have ordered a dozen more). The place is supposedly haunted. According to the story in my menu, during Prohibition the distillery was a speakeasy. A woman who frequented the speakeasy was killed in a lover's quarrel and found dead on the beach. I was hoping she'd make a guest appearance at dinner, but she decided not to. 

The rest of the week we're booked solid for dinner dates and packing the rest of our worldly belongings. I will try to post more photos later. 

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