Tortillas and bratwurst.


Jeff was excited to share that he found Johnsonville sausages at the grocery store... FOR S$12. We've always had a package of bratwurst or smoked sausages in the fridge, especially the pineapple sausages from Costco. I'm sure finding this creature comfort at the grocery store was like finding a hidden treasure for him.
He also found these taco kits, fajita kits, and tortillas. I might cave and buy the S$8 tortillas if I can't make my own, but I can't justify buying a "kit" of Mexican food. I think my Mom would disown me. I'd rather just go to Taco Bell if I need a bad-impersonation-of-Mexican-food fix.
I've never had smoked mussels before, but they sell these at the grocery store too. Although they're "Texan Barbeque" style, it says "Product of New Zealand" in the top right corner. 

I'm looking forward to eating at the hawker centers regularly, but it's nice to know that our cravings for bratwurst and tortillas can be satiated with a quick (and expensive) run to the grocery store. 


  1. Hahaha, that's awesome!!! That's so cool you're in Singapore!

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  2. I'm not there yet! I'll be there in early August. Still in San Jose/Sacramento taking care of dog quarantine business.

  3. Wow that's awesome! I've had those sausages overseas and they are to die for. I've never been able to find them in singapore, do you know the name and location of the grocery store?

  4. Derek, this was photographed at the Cold Storage in Funan. Although, I've noticed that you can find these sausages at almost any Cold Storage or Carrefour.



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