The week ends, the week begins


Photos from the top:
Jeff and our niece Gabby, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Jeff and me at my going-away party for work
Jeff at SFO earlier today

Jeff is currently en route back to Singapore, and I'm currently sitting on an Aerobed at the apartment. It's the only piece of furniture (if it's even considered furniture) that remains. We took everything else up to my Mom's on Saturday. Her garage is now full of our household belongings. Sorry, Mom. 

What's next: finalizing the dog quarantine stuff, moving out for good of the apartment (my last day is Wednesday technically), and getting rid of the car. We've whittled down our belongings quite a bit, but I think I'm going to have a garage sale in July while I'm living at my Mom's house to make even more room. I also have to get the dogs shaved so they can handle the Singaporean heat better. Poor things, they're going to look like big rodents. 

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