Apartment update.


Photos of our apartment, former roommate Noralee

We no longer live in downtown San Jose. On Wednesday, I turned the keys in for apartment #118. As bummed as we are to give up the coolest apartment we've ever called home, Jeff and I are very excited to move into a new one. Less than a day after our lease was up, Jeff told me that the offer he made on an apartment in Singapore was accepted. Hooray! We were only homeless for about 6 hours.

I'm hoping Jeff will send pictures of the new apartment, but he says he probably won't get the keys for it until the end of the month when he returns from another business trip to Sydney. Here's what I know about it from him so far: 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, tile and hardwood floors, on the 20th floor, 2 balconies (one of which faces the ocean), in the East Coast district (what I wanted!), a short walk to the beach, in a housing complex with all the amenities. Jeff said it's a 10 minute motorcycle ride to work. Minor detail: we don't have a motorcycle. Yet.

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