Caught in the rain without an umbrella


The weather in Singapore has the ability to change from sunny one moment to downpour the next. Jeff and I rarely leave the house without an umbrella. But in case we're ever caught in the rain without an umbrella, we'll look for a vending machine like this one to save the day. And our hair.


  1. thats a pretty genius marketing idea. have you seen what they actually look like? that slot looks small.

  2. I think this machine dispenses the umbrellas that are full size, but just small when folded up.

    Something I forgot to mention (and maybe I should take photos of during the next rain) is that after a rain, I saw many broken umbrellas in garbage cans.

  3. oo really? that's interesting! is it the wind or just cheapy umbrellas i wonder.

  4. Just came across this blog post. I have never seen such a machine, where was this?

    1. This one was found at Clarke Quay, near the taxi queue.


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