Dogs and groceries.


The dogs and I went to San Jose today for their last health inspection before flying to Singapore. These past four months have been full of trips to the vet in order to reduce their quarantine period in Singapore from 30 days to 10 days (if you want to read the details, you can go here). The vet filled out their health certificates and checked the pups one last time. Tomorrow I will take their health certificates to the USDA office in Sacramento where they will be approved, granting us permission to enter Singapore. 

I really hope the USDA approves their health certificates because our flight leaves on Thursday! 

In other preparing-for-arrival-in-Singapore news, Jeff and I went grocery shopping last night even though we are 8,500 miles apart. He discovered that Cold Storage, a grocery store in Singapore, offers online shopping and makes home deliveries. Although this won't completely replace shopping for groceries for us (they don't sell everything online and sometimes you need milk and cookies right now), it sure beats taking public transportation with arm loads full of heavy groceries. When I arrive at my apartment this weekend, I will have a fully stocked kitchen to raid. And yes, I ordered milk and cookies.


  1. I hope there is more than one plate and one fork to use before you arrive too.

  2. It looks like I'll be eating out of the saucepan if we have to eat at the same time. LOL

    We're going shopping the day I arrive.

  3. Not gonna happen, Elia.. I'm living the minimalist's dream right now ;-)

    I know how.. um.. let's say adept - at shopping Flora is, so I am enjoying my one pot, pan, fork, spoon, my one-everything right now.


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