First weekend in Singapore.


I arrived in Singapore in the very early hours of Saturday morning and after dealing with the dogs' import paperwork, we came home to a very stark apartment. Jeff and I spent the weekend taking care of errands and furnishing our apartment. It's time to turn this house into a home! 

We took a cab to Ikea on Saturday morning and look who we saw on the way there! Our pet import agent drove by us with our doggies in the back! They were on their way to the quarantine station from the airport pet holding facility. 
Jeff picked this couch out for the living room. The ugly white one is going in the second bedroom.
Apparently we just missed a really big sale at Ikea here so they were cleaned out of some pieces of furniture we wanted. We'll be heading back soon for some much-needed dressers, a desk and a few other things. 
Jeff finally got to play with the doggies! They were excited to see us, but it seems like they were a little confused. Stan kept running to the gate because he wanted to go home (just like at the dog park). They looked dirty, probably because they soiled their beds in their kennels and then slept in them (they were in their kennels for about 20 hours before being walked!). We played with them in a yard for a while, then sat in the kennel with them so they could see it was okay to be there. They scarfed down all their food while we were hanging out with them. I miss my little guys. 
On Sunday, we headed to Arab Street and the nearby shopping areas to find some rugs and a few other household items. We bought a big rug for the living room and a smaller one for our bedroom.

I'm off to visit the dogs at quarantine today. I am going to give them baths and brush their fur, and get some cuddling in too. 


  1. So so happy that you two are finally in one place. We loved spending time with Anne and Bruce in Alaska. (Of course Lisa too). This is going to be fun reading your blog. We think of you guys often. Take care of yourselves!!!!
    Kathy and Rick

  2. Thanks Kathy and Rick! We're excited to share our experiences with family back home through this blog. We'll be updating regularly so check back often!



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