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Last Friday after I went to visit the dogs at quarantine, I met Jeff in the CBD so we could walk around the Marina and nearby areas. Singapore is hosting the first-ever Youth Olympic Games, so the Marina is set up for Olympic-related events right now. We also wanted to check out the Marina Bay Sands. While a lot of the surrounding area is still under construction, it was still beautiful to see and one of these days we're going to hit up the casino.
A view from the Helix Bridge of the Marina and downtown. The building on the left is the under construction ArtScience Museum. It was designed to look like a lotus. 
A view of the Marina Bay Sands.
The lighthouse contains the Olympic flame. This is the second Olympic flame Jeff and I have been to this year. We saw the one in Vancouver for the Winter Olympics, too.
A better view of the Museum and the Marina Bay Sands.
Downtown Singapore is so beautiful! That low, well-lit building in front is The Fullerton Hotel. It used to be the post office. You can also see the Merlion spewing out water in this photo.
Outside of the Esplanade, BayBeats was taking place. We caught part of one of the bands' performance (but I can't remember who it was). There was more live music inside the foyer of the Esplanade too. We saw Jamie Cullum here a few months ago and we're catching Vampire Weekend in October. Sweet! 
On our way to Boat Quay, I saw this Fernando Botero sculpture. I love his work! There used to be a Botero piece outside of the Santa Barbara Museum of Art while we were living there. 
Then we walked through Boat Quay to Clarke Quay where we had some drinks, but I didn't take photos. And then we went home.

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  1. Funny story about that bird statue from a local art tour I went on... Tour guide said that the statue was commissioned by the financial institution that it is in front of. The bird used to face the water which made the bum face their bank. They had it turned so the bum faced their competitor. :)


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