Special deliveries.


Mom: "How are you going to get the dogs home?"
Me: "They're being delivered. Like pizza." 

On Tuesday, the dogs were delivered straight to our door from the quarantine facility. They were so excited and curious, and after sniffing out the entire apartment (it didn't take very long) they jumped up on the bed and fell asleep. It took over four months of jumping through export/import hoops to get them here and I can't believe it's finally over. Was it stressful? Yes. Expensive? Oh yes. Worth it? Most definitely. Like Jeff always says, they're a part of our family now. (By the way, if anyone stumbles across this blog because they are thinking of moving to Singapore with pets, email me. I would be happy to bestow my dog quarantine wisdom on anyone in this predicament.)

Also delivered on Tuesday were the dressers and couch that we bought from Ikea. I got a desk and a chair for the second bedroom too, which I have taken over and turned into my office/play room. We'll post photos of our home later when it looks a little more lived in. For now, you can see the two area rugs we bought on Arab Street in the photos above.


  1. like pizza- haha, that's cute :o) i'm soooo happy to see the boys finally made it home. i miss their snuggles n cuddles. tell them i said big he-row!

  2. They don't really cuddle much anymore unless the AC is on full blast. But they're doing great despite the heat.

  3. I'm so happy the dogs are with you! Anne told me how difficult this would be. I'lll bet the dogs are happy to see you too!
    (I'm a friend of Jeff's mom)

  4. your dogs are cute..they look like little lambs now :)


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