2010 Singapore F1 Grand Prix


Before Jeff and I knew for a fact that we were moving to Singapore, we bought tickets to the Singapore Grand Prix (I mentioned this earlier, too). To be honest it was pretty much a done deal before he actually signed on the dotted line, so it's not like we were taking a huge gamble. He was just super excited about coming to a Formula 1 race. I think we bought these tickets almost a year ago. I should have spent some of that time working on my panning skills because taking photos of really fast cars is hard and I suck at it. Here are some photos I took over the three-day race weekend. 

I had a lot of overpriced satay over the weekend. 
Porsche Carrera Cup Asia qualifying
 Jeff rented a Kangaroo TV for the weekend to watch the cameras on the race cars and hear the team radios.
DJ Tiga at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre
We sat at Turn 1. This is a shot looking left from our seats. 
You can see the Singapore Flyer in the background and pit lane is visible, too.
Looking right from our seats.
 We sat right across from this conveniently positioned big screen. 
Sebastian Vettel, the driver we were rooting for. He came in second place.
Here's a quick video of the start of the race taken with my phone. F1 cars are so freaking loud (ear plugs were included with our tickets). The sound of a F1 car's engine starting up sounds truly amazing, though.

It was a fun weekend and we are already looking forward to next year's race. We're thinking about going to the Malaysia Grand Prix, too. 


  1. wow thats really loud! great way to serve satay as a snack :)

  2. Can I link your youtube video and give a blog link in my post about F-1 (posting later this week?)

    See, as a chronic speeder, I get put out when other people are driving cars at 100mph and I have no car to drive. (j/k)

  3. Hey Crystal, yes you can link to me. Thanks for the heads up.

    I am a lead foot too, and miss driving fast on California roads. I lost count how many speeding tickets I've gotten.

  4. Hee hee dame un vaso de carne!

  5. I was thinking the same thing as Gabby, only en ingles. :-)


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