I met up with Jeff after work on Friday again. We didn't have any real plans, besides wanting to go out and do something fun. So naturally, we found a pub. 
Jeff used the search function on Google Maps on his phone to find the nearest bar, and the closest one was O'Bama's Irish Pub. It's a pretty cool place that felt inviting and familiar, just like a good pub should.
Then we wandered through Chinatown on our way to do some shopping. I love Chinatown! There is so much to see and I find something new every time I go there. This time, I found a dress for S$8!
Jeff and I eventually got on the MRT and headed home, but not before making a quick detour to The Dog and Bone. We noticed this pub on our way to the grocery store a few weekends ago and decided to drop in and check it out. It seems like a fun place with lots of regulars; we plan on returning soon. Maybe someday we can become regulars, too.

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