Thailand: Day 1


On a whim, Jeff and I took a trip to Thailand this past weekend. It is only about two hours away, maybe less. This was our first vacation while living in Singapore. I arranged for the dogs to stay at a pet resort up north for the weekend. A driver from the resort came to pick the dogs up at our apartment on Friday morning, and then we took a cab to the airport.
We got to the airport a few hours early because we actually enjoy airports. We love almost everything about traveling, actually. Airports are great spots for people-watching. This time, we just sat in the lounge and had a few drinks. 
We stayed at The Royal Palm on Patong Beach, in Phuket. It was a cool little place and the staff was friendly. It was under construction so it didn't look as pretty as the photos on their website, but it was located right across the beach and near tons of shops and bars. 
Oh yeah, the bathroom. It was enclosed by sliding shoji-esque doors. It was pointless to try and "close" them.
We ate at Patong Seafood for dinner on Friday night, where we got to pick our own seafood out. I ordered a drink in a coconut (the first of many that weekend). I forgot to take photos of our food, but it was delicious. Jeff ordered squid, I ordered crab. 

I will post the rest of the photos shortly, but now I must go bathe the dogs. They just got dropped off by the pet resort and they look like they had a fun weekend in the dirt. 


  1. Looks like you two had fun. Sorry to bring it up but, the pic of Jeff in the bathroom looks like a) he's not hearing pants and b) one of those water bottles is hiding something. Just an observation. LOL

  2. *you know I meant not Wearing pants right? LOL

  3. Ha I didn't even notice that! He was wearing shorts, I swear.

  4. LMAO! i had to do a double take on the shorts too-I think it was because you said the word 'bathroom'? but the bottle thing is hysterical!

    the food selection looks like fun- remmy the first time we took jefe to an asian market in sj and he was tripping?? haha...what a pro now, ey? hugs n love to you four :o)

  5. Ha I didn't even notice that! He was wearing shorts, I swear.


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