Thailand: Day 3 (part 1)


I forgot to mention that on Day 1 of our trip, we were taken to a travel agency on the way to our hotel at Patong Beach because our cab driver "didn't know where The Royal Palm was" and had to get directions. He knew exactly where it was, but he was just taking us to the travel agency to get some commission off us. We were actually planning on booking a day trip anyway, so we haggled the agent down to a price we all agreed on, and booked a day trip to the Phi Phi Islands and other little islands nearby.

Originally we booked the trip for Saturday, but at the last minute I called the agent to reschedule for Sunday. It was a good idea because Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day in town. Sunday turned out to be rainy, but we weren't there to see it. Instead, we chased the sun on a speedboat.
This is what the view of the beach from the hotel's patio looked like on Sunday morning. Lots of rain.
Viking Cave
Pileh Cove
This is Maya Bay, made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie "The Beach." 

 The boat on the left is the one we were on. It was full of tourists, mostly from Europe and the Middle East.
Then we went to Monkey Beach, where monkeys eat right out of your hand. This one girl on our boat tried to pose for a photo next to this monkey, and the monkey got freaked out and bit her on the back. She got way too close, way too fast. 
This guy swam out to our boat and hung out for a while. 
I took lots of photos that I want to include, so I'm going to finish Day 3 in another post. 
To be continued...

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