Thailand: Day 3 (part 2)


Okay, back to Day 3.

I can't remember the name of it, but we stopped at another island to eat lunch and explore a bit.
These birds in their beautiful cages were everywhere. I wonder if I can buy bird cages like these here. 
Then we went to Khai Nai island, my favorite stop of the trip. It was beautiful and so blue! 
I picked up some pieces of coral that washed ashore to bring home with me.
Then we went home and took naps. And when we woke up, we walked down the street and found a Volkswagen Van that was also a bar! We had to stop and check it out (and get a few drinks, too). They were blasting great music into the street and their drink menu is impressive.
And then eventually we went home. We were tired from being in the sun all day, but seeing the islands and sitting on the beach was so much fun. 

A few more photos from Day 4 are still to come... 

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  1. That might be one of the most frightening pepsi cans I've seen in a while!
    And I definitely remember seeing shops that sold bird cages in Chinatown and Geyland (around Lor 25 or 27, I think)


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