Bali Zoo


If you're in Bali, we recommend checking out the Bali Zoo. Lots of animals to see, and the park is very clean and pretty to walk through. These birds were chillin' right past the entrance. They were so incredibly tame and gentle. I miss having a bird in the house.
Look at that cute face, and those big ears! Feeding the deer was my favorite part of the zoo. They behaved like curious and gentle dogs. They were so sweet! Jeff kept saying "Yummm" every time he'd feed one of the deer, and the zookeeper in the pen with us thought it was pretty funny. I really want a pet deer now. 
At the zoo, you can pay about $3 to feed the large cats on exhibit. Jeff fed a black puma...
...and I fed a Siberian tiger. The sound of the tiger's jaw as it clamped down on the piece of raw meat was soo loud and it felt very intense. I was surprised at how strong the tiger was! The cats start purring as you walk by, but don't let that fool you. These kitties can be dangerous. 


  1. I agree. That deer was so cute. Do they make you sign a waiver or something before feeding the big cats? That seems sort of dangerous.

  2. Nope, no waiver. But we probably entered into some sort of waiver of rights when we bought the tickets. Wow, way too technical of an answer.

    The smaller deer in the pen are like little dogs! Their noses are even cold and wet.

  3. I love Zoo's and if i ever get the chance to go Bali i would definitely go there.
    btw, how do you get the pictures in a moving motion? (the image at the end)? ive always wanted to do something like that!

    xx Winnie

  4. That looks so fun! I definitely want to go see the zoo when we are in Bali!

  5. @Winnie, just Google "GIF generator" and you'll find many websites that let you upload your photos to create one. Super easy!

  6. those are some big ass looking bats! is that blue headed bird a kind of turkey? its pretty! and that lil deer looking into the camera looks like he bonded with you fren. tell me you took him home to be a brudder to the boys!

  7. That looks so fun! I definitely want to go see the zoo when we are in Bali!


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