The Hot Dog Shop in Candidasa... and some geckos


(okay, last Bali post. I promise.)
This is the Hot Dog Shop, right next to the police station in Candidasa. That man on the left with the white shirt is Gary. He and his wife Tyo run this little restaurant as well as a small homestay next door. They are two very kind and gracious people. Gary makes you feel like you're an old friend and is quick to invite you into his conversation (he's always got people in his shop hanging out, it's a very welcoming place). 
Their menu is small and Western. Just burgers, hot dogs, and pancakes for desert. And of course, Bintang beer and a really good apple cider beer. He always has snacks on the table to go with your beer.
Their burgers were AMAZING. To be completely honest, I think they were the best burgers we've had since we left California. And they are cheap. We ate here a few times for dinner because we were really disappointed with the food in town. Jeff and I couldn't figure out if it was because Balinese cuisine is just not that great, or if the restaurants just didn't really care since most of the people eating there were foreigners. 
On our last night in town, we stopped by a market to pick up some snacks. These geckos were climbing up the walls and running down the aisles. No one seemed to be bothered by them. I was just impressed at how huge they were. 


  1. did you get attacked by any bugs fren? of course not- those geckos are takin care of any bug problem. they look like baby alligators, eeek! have you heard them make noise? they screech n chirp, very deceiving.

  2. haha geckos running around the store... only in singapore right?

    iiiiiiiii want to go there. for real.


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