An orangutan named Jacky.


There is an orangutan at the Bali Zoo named Jacky. Before you get to his enclosure, there is a sign warning visitors that he has a tendency to throw things at you.
At first, we didn't see him. I was ready to leave since I figured he was sleeping and uninterested in us. He must have heard us approaching though, because he sauntered out of his shelter towards the moat surrounding his enclosure. We were the only ones around.
He just sat there facing us, exuding attitude, and put his palm out. Jacky was asking for a snack. Or maybe the key to the gate? His body language was like that of a human. 
Jeff tossed him the last piece of fruit we had left in our basket: a banana. 
He quickly ate the banana, and then threw the peel right back at Jeff! He was too fast for me to take a photo, but Jeff moved aside quickly and didn't get hit. I thought he wouldn't throw anything at us, but I guess Jacky doesn't discriminate. He's disgruntled towards everyone.
A parting glance as we left Jacky. I wonder if he's lonely. 

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  1. oooooo he a ugh-lay lil thang! if he were human, he would be in special ed on a behavior plan, ahteojoodat!


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