Sacred Monkey Forest


 The Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud is a Balinese Hindu sanctuary. On its premises are three temples and one cemetery. The monkeys have free reign of the entire place. There are dozens of them at every turn. For the most part they tend to mind their own business (unless you bought bananas at the entrance, in which case they won't leave you alone). Jeff and his water bottle were assaulted by a young monkey, but Jeff just walked away and the monkey was quickly over it. Jeff also slipped on a banana peel as we entered the forest. Too appropriate.

Despite the hoards of tourists (all of Ubud is very crowded with tourists) and the occasional loud monkey street fight, Monkey Forest is very serene and beautiful. 


  1. Oh you are very brave. I've lived here a long time and monkeys still freak me out!

  2. fwaaat and neither of you got bitten?!?! no fair! those are great shots by the way. i love the 4th one the best. was it an ob/gyn visit for that monkey or what, giggling.


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