Take a hike.


We took a hike in the countryside while in Bali. We crossed this little, rickety bamboo bridge. Apparently, before this bridge was built, a man would wait at the river and carry people across on his back for a small fee.
We walked through rice paddies on the way to the village of Tenganan in Bali. There were lots of workers in the fields as it was harvest time. 
Jeff and me in front of the tallest mountain in Bali, Mount Agung.
On our walk, we passed by many homes and vendors selling handmade rattan goods. 
One of the entrances to Tenganan. According to our hike guide, the village of Tenganan is an original Balinese village, with pure Balinese residents. They were in Bali before people began to arrive from nearby Java. They are an exclusive community. Women who marry must marry from within the village. If they marry an outsider, they must leave. The women are allowed to leave to go to school, though. 
Sacred water buffalo hanging out inside the village walls. Those baskets are for containing roosters.
A lot of the chickens and roosters in Tenganan are brightly colored. I saw a hot pink rooster, but I couldn't get a clear photo. There were also some bright blue chickens. I'm not sure why they were colored, but I guess it makes identifying your chickens a lot easier.
Selamat jalan! 


  1. hot pink chickens and sacred water buffalo or ravenous tigers and blue headed turkeys- which visit was better? truly awesome experiences you are having fren. miss yous! hugs to you and all the boys.

  2. I would pay a guy a small fee to carry me across the street, just for kicks. :-)

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  4. The hike looks so beautiful and refreshing! I need to get out of LA and do some camping...



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