We won't be carving pumpkins this Halloween...


...because I can't justify spending S$33.90 on one and actually carving it (that's about US$26).
This is the limited Halloween selection at the nearby grocery store. So disappointing; it's not even good stuff!

I miss going to Target and seeing aisles and aisles brimming with awesome Halloween stuff. Even the drugstores like Longs and CVS have an entire aisle dedicated to Halloween stuff. I guess it's not as big of a deal here as it is in the US. Which for me is a bummer because Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. 

Pour some pumpkin seeds out for us, friends!


  1. Actually, the fact that there are these Halloween "products" in the supermarkets are already progress. When I was a kid there was NOTHING, because Halloween is not a Singaporean holiday at all. I think it's more or less generally just an American one.

  2. Yeah it was always a big holiday growing up, and even in my adulthood it has been something to look forward to. We also celebrate Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

    I used to buy Halloween decorations, the good kind, and I could leave them up all year! They're all in storage at my Mom's now.

  3. If you want a pumpkin, I've heard that they're going to be relatively affordable at tomorrow's Pumpkin Patch at the Singapore American School...something like 9-noon. They'll also have pumpkin cupcakes, and hay bales and other stuff.

  4. Awesome! I'll have to see if we can make it out there. Thanks for the tip.

  5. wth! and i wont spend 10bucks on one here- that is kerrrazy! send me your address and i'll send you some pumpkin seeds so you can grow your own in an indoor mini garden.


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