White Sand Beach


We took a day trip to White Sand Beach while we were in Bali. Jeff and I started our journey at around 8 am. First, we stopped at some islands near our hotel so Jeff could do some snorkeling. The water is so clear! 
The boat we sailed in is called a "jukung." They are narrow and light, with bamboo outriggers and a sail. The captain said his jukung was built in Australia. These boats don't provide much protection from the waves if the water gets rough, so Jeff and I got thoroughly soaked after our ride home from the beach. We bought a dry bag for our stuff from a scuba shop after realizing that we could have ruined our phones and camera. 
Most of the beaches in Bali have black sand, which makes this beach unique. It wasn't very crowded when we arrived. There are a few restaurants along the beach, and even a souvenir stand. Vendors walk up and down the beach hawking their wares, too. The restaurants are called "warung." We sat near the very end of the beach in front of Warung Baruna, where we ate lunch.
I've never seen nopales like these hanging from the rocks. These grow everywhere in Bali.
Our lunch was delicious and actually one of the best meals we had the entire week. We had barbecued prawns, calamari and fish along with fresh salad, potatoes, and rice. Dessert was fresh fruit. Yum!
This temple was at the very end of the beach.

It started to rain right after we finished up our lunch. We sat there at first, not really minding it (Singapore does that to you, I guess). But then moments later, the skies ripped open and it started to pour. We gathered our belongings off our beach chairs and took shelter under the warung's roof. By then we were done hanging out at the beach and decided to head back to the hotel anyway. We walked back to the other end of the beach, where the jukung was waiting for us, and sailed back in the rain. It sounds potentially miserable, but it was actually a very relaxing day at sea.
 The shoe cables a repent reward near the visible.


  1. Great pics! Thanks for sharing (:


  2. Gooorgeous photgraphs - Looking forward to following!! :)

  3. These pictures are beautiful! Looks like you're having a great trip!

  4. That last photo is gorgeous.


  5. gorgeous photos! i've always wanted to go to bali.

  6. aha so those ARE real nopales and those boats ARE narrow- i started backward on the posts at first, oops!

  7. gorgeous photos! i've always wanted to go to bali.


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