Bến Thành Market. And weasel coffee.


Bến Thành Market is a popular tourist attraction in Ho Chi Minh City, but it also sells items for the locals. It is the largest market in Saigon. There are so many vendors here; the market is like a huge maze. Aisles are small in some areas, and it's usually crowded. There's a map of vendors at one of the main gates in case you are looking for a specific stall or are looking for a particular item. All vendors selling similar items can be found grouped in the same general vicinity. Ready, set, shop!

You can find souvenirs, decorative items, jewelry, art work, fabric, clothing, and so much more. Did you forget something on your trip to HCMC? You could probably find it here, and reasonably priced too. There is an area near the center of the market with food vendors selling meals and drinks as well as fresh produce and groceries, and a wet market outside.
That Tintin print that Jeff is holding came home with us. 
I used to watch Les Aventures de Tintin as a kid!
A kilo of weasel coffee came home with us, too. What's weasel coffee, you might ask? Let me tell you.

Gross alert: Weasel coffee comes from coffee berries that have been eaten by weasels, or civets. They poop the beans out, which are then thoroughly cleaned, dried and roasted like normal coffee beans. The acids in the civets' stomachs eliminate much of the acidity of the coffee beans. Apparently weasel coffee is really expensive and sought after (it wasn't that expensive, actually). 

So, who wants to come over for coffee?



  1. I like what I see!
    Nice to 'meet' you-
    Love the print!
    I have never heard or had weseal coffee but I have heard of the one that is pooped out by... Was it jaguars? Cougars? It was in
    The JN movie Rhe Vucket List-
    Anyway nice to meet you!

  2. Sorry my phone is not letting me see what I'm typing- overlapping on your comment message-
    Make that Bucket List and correct weasel-

  3. I kinda regret not going to the market now. your photos are tempting me. it all looks so colourful and exciting.

  4. Benh Tranh weasel cat coffee is synthetically produced. Which is why it costs less than $3000/kg. So it only came out the end of a artifical nozzle :) [see http://www.trung-nguyen-online.com/legendee.html]

    Matt (in HCMC currently).

    1. Yeah, I definitely figured as much since it was so cheap. I found the real stuff at a Trung Nguyen coffee shop in Singapore though.


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