Binh Tay Market


I love markets like Binh Tay Market in the Chinatown area of HCMC. You can buy everything you need (amd don't need) here. It is a colorful and busy place. It sort of reminded me of the flea markets back in San Jose, only this market is indoors.
Vendors say a prayer for good business and light incense at an altar in the middle of the market. The bust is of the man who built the market, Quách Đàm. 
The main entrance.
This is a shot looking towards the street from the main entrance. Scooters and motorcycles are everywhere.
Peace out!


  1. WOW that market looks insane...I wouldn't even know where to begin - but that is fun :)

  2. It's one of those markets for locals, not much in terms of souvenirs and stuff. But I love buying things for the house or kitchen from places like this because I use the things I buy more often and they always remind me of where I've traveled to.

    PS thanks for your comments!

  3. Im from Mexico, and that market reminds me a lot to my lovely country... It´s always a connection between poor countries you know, we are very colorful :)


  4. That market looks insane but like a lot of fun!
    I love that kid doing "peace out"! =)

  5. awesome pics fren :o) makes me miss viet nam even more. did you try any of the various fruits?

  6. i love markets like much to see. i love to visit our local ones every so often.

  7. How could I have missed your Vietnam posts...soo lovely!! :)


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