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After last week's post about ice skating in Singapore, someone sent us a question about hockey here on the island. Jeff and I tried looking online for any helpful information about local teams or leagues. Pretty much all we discovered was that the only full-sized rink in Singapore, the Fuji Ice Palace, closed in 2008 and its future was indeterminate. Until we found this place: 
A hockey pro shop! It felt like we had found an important clue in the mystery of hockey in Singapore.

We went back to the ice rink on Saturday and discovered this shop in the mall, which we clearly missed the first time we were here. It is small and has a very limited selection of hockey and figure skating equipment. We learned a lot about hockey in Singapore (and lack thereof) from the people working here. 
According to the lady behind the counter, there used to be adult ice hockey leagues for men and women in Singapore. One of the teams is called the Singapore Blizzards, but it doesn't look like their website has been updated in a while. The leagues pretty much stopped playing ice hockey when the Fuji Ice Palace closed and some players have switched over to roller hockey in the meanwhile. These ice hockey leagues will start up again when the Fuji Ice Palace reopens sometime at the end of 2011. It has changed ownership so it will probably be called something else when it does reopen. Although it's not a full-sized rink, women and children still play hockey at Kallang Ice World. Also, some of the teams that used to play in Singapore still participate in hockey tournaments in Southeast Asia.
This is the rink Jeff skates at. It's literally in a mall. How did they get a Zamboni to the third floor?

The pro shop will be closing soon, too. Their shop will be converting to an online store sometime next month, and I think they said they might open a store again when the formerly known as Fuji Ice Palace rink re-opens. They have a blade-sharpening machine and I don't know how Jeff is going to get his ice skates sharpened once they close. Jeff left his contact info and got the shop's business card. If anyone is interested in this contact info email us and we'll get it to you, or go check the store out before they close. It's called Ice Edge and is at Kallang Leisure Park on the second floor.
Jeff and his new hockey stick. And check out his hella cool shirt that his hella cool wife bought him.

I realize that not everyone cares about hockey in Singapore as much as we do, but part of the reason I'm putting this out there is to potentially connect Jeff with other hockey players or interested parties on the island and to share what little information we've discovered about it so far. 


  1. there was a rink in Jurong East. Not at the mall with IMM but the other crappy one that is closer to the MRT station

  2. What is the mall with IMM? What does IMM mean?


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