Laksa love.


Laksa is one of my favorite dishes to eat here in Singapore. I usually make a mess and splatter the soup all over myself, but I'm too busy enjoying it to notice the stains on my blouse until I reach the bottom of the bowl.
A vendor at East Coast Lagoon Food Village that sells laksa. (We've posted about eating here before). 

Yum! Dinner is served. And it only cost me a few bucks.

Jeff and I have a sort of Singapore bucket list going that we started when we moved here, and one of the things on our list is to order something from every single vendor at the East Coast Lagoon Food Village. We're going to try and eat here at least once a week to accomplish our goal. I'm up for the challenge.

Anyone else have some suggestions for our bucket list?


  1. Mmmm that looks delish!

  2. Have you tried THE NODLE MAN in Chinatown yet??

    I have not blogged about him, but my friend Euvah has:

    well worth putting on the (food) bucket list!

    #19 Smith Street
    (the street with all the hawker stands)
    China Town, Singapore 058933
    Telephone: 6327-1286

  3. Oh, yum, laksa! But I think my favourite is mee siam.


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