Saigon Notre Dame Basilica


One of the first places we checked out was the Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica in Ho Chi Minh City. All the materials used for its construction came from France. The bricks came from Marseille. It isn't as elaborate as some of the other cathedrals I've been to, but it's still a beautiful building. In case you want to go to church while in HCMC, there is an international mass held every Sunday at 9 am. 
As we approached the cathedral, we noticed quite a few wedding couples being photographed. I thought it was a busy day for the cathedral, but in reality all these couples were taking wedding photos prior to their wedding date, as is customary. The superstition of not having the bride and groom see each other in their wedding attire until the bride walks down the aisle does not apply in Vietnam. 

These couples have photos taken of themselves in traditional wedding clothes so that these can be printed and displayed prior to their actual wedding date. Our guide said that the dresses the brides were wearing were probably rented or borrowed; sometimes brides in Vietnam wear many "wedding dresses" for their weddings, including the traditional ao dai.
Notice the groom standing on a box! The photographers covered it with the bride's dress.
Of all the couples being photographed that day, this couple was my favorite. They posed with a vintage motorbike and she was wearing a white sun dress and yellow heels. They looked like they were having the most fun, too.


  1. HAHAHAHA the groom on the box is priceless!!

  2. how lovely that you captured the wedding couples....I always get excited when I see a bride in her white gown and veil.


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