Thien Hau Temple


This is the entrance to Thien Hau Temple in Chinatown, Ho Chi Minh City. Chinatown is also referred to as Cholon. See those two huge yellow lanterns on either side of the entrance gate? They are placed there by temple-goers who pay a large donation. The donor's prayers and name are written on the lanterns and these remain hanging until the next large donation is made. They were the biggest lanterns I've ever seen. 
Jeff lit some incense and said a prayer. I did, too.
 These strips are along the walls of the temple and have the names of people who have made donations. 
Paper money to be burned as an offering. 
These coils of incense hang from the rafters of the temple. The little red slips of paper have prayers written on them. For a small donation, you can have your prayer hung on a coil of incense (we did this while we were here).

The sounds of the busy street in front of the temple seemed to disappear when we were inside. I'm sure they were still audible; Vietnamese people honk the horns on their cars and scooters all day long! But the temple was serene and calm inside. There were a few tourists, but it was mostly full of locals. 


  1. These pictures are amazing, they made me remember my visit to a temple 10 years ago.:D

    ***** Marie *****


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