California love


In case you were wondering where we disappeared to, we went back home to California for about a week. Jeff had a last minute business trip in the Bay Area, and I came along too. It was so great to be back and hang out with family and friends, wear beanies and sweaters, drink great local wines and eat delicious food.

The second we got off the plane at SFO we were greeted with crisp, cool winter air. While other passengers were probably complaining about the chill, Jeff and I looked at each other and smiled like kids at the sight of the first snow of winter. The cold air felt so good to us while we were in California. It felt like home. 

Photos from top:
Driving on 680 to my Mom's house
Freeway signs along 680
2nd and Santa Clara, our old haunting grounds
Accidental awesome photo
On 280 towards downtown San Jose
Palm trees are everywhere
California wines! Half the price and twice as nice
An old sign in downtown San Jose


  1. Hey flora, thanks so much for stopping by. Love your pictures from California!
    I miss Singapore, I used to live there for one year back in 2005 and I loved the constant sunshine :) But I guess we always want what we don't have!! :)
    Enjoy!! Viele Gruesse, Kristina

  2. It's quite pleasant right now, but I am already dreading the warmer months. I'm going to wilt like a flower in the heat! I think my love of cold weather has to do with my love of coats.


  3. i love your accidental awesome photo ;o)


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