Christmas on Orchard Road


For our family and friends back home unfamiliar with Orchard Road, it's the place to go in Singapore if you want to do some serious shopping. There are malls connected to malls going all the way down the street. It's also where to go if you want to see some serious Christmas decorations. 

Jeff and I went last night to see what all the fuss was about. It seems like everyone else in Singapore had the same idea, too. There were tons of people out, many of them with cameras and tripods to capture the moment. Like the shops along Orchard Road, the lights were beautiful and over the top.

(That clear round-shaped bubble at the bottom of the second photo is the entrance/exit to the MRT station below the Ion Orchard Mall. I think it's pretty cool.)


  1. Orchard Road is INSANE at this time of year. Absolutely packed and you can barely move! I try to avoid going there because I'm always afraid I'll be suffocated LOL.

  2. @Kirsten agreed! I know that now and will try to avoid it next Christmas. We found a pop up bar and sat there to people watch. It was actually pleasant!

  3. ooooo purdeee lights! ahlakeh!


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