Home is where your Mom is.


Since Jeff was working day and night (he had to work in Bay Area and Singapore time) when we went home, I headed up to my Mom's house to spend some quality time with her and my siblings. I also got to see my niece, Gabby, who seems to grow exponentially every time I see her.

I loved having conversations with my sister on the couch, nightly family dinners, and my Mom's ever-flowing pot of coffee. These things have gone on at Mom's house for as long as I can remember, but ever since I moved away there is a newfound appreciation for the small things. It's kind of ironic that Christmas this year is more about family than it ever was since we won't be near ours. I savored every moment I was home because unlike before, I am no longer two hours south. It's more like 20 hours east.

It was nice to sleep in my own comfortable bed for a few days, too. Also nice was being reunited with my coat and boot collection that I really missed. Being back was actually kind of weird. Sometimes it felt as though I had never left, while other times I felt completely distant. It was like coming home from college and realizing you are not the same person you were when you left. Except in a more profound and satisfying sort of way. 


  1. Oh, this was such a sweet post! It's always nice to go home after a while.


  2. Love the look of those Christmas cookies!

  3. Awww that looks like the warmest, coziest home ever!


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