Meet me halfway


Top photo from left: my Mom, Jeff's Mom, Auntie Sue, Jeff's Dad, Jeff; bottom: Kaylie, Logan

The day before we left California, some of our family met at a halfway point for brunch. These photos are all from that outing. Our whole trip was last minute so we are glad we got to see as many friends as family as we did. Jeff hadn't seen his Auntie Sue or cousins Logan and Kaylie since April. Kaylie has grown so much since then; she can have full on conversations with people. Kids really do grow up so fast! 

The weekend before our family brunch, Jeff's Mom cooked a post-Thanksgiving dinner for us. Jeff and I arrived in town on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and Jeff's Dad's side of the family came over to share the meal together. We didn't take photos of our belated Thanksgiving dinner with family. I wish we did, because it was awesome. 


  1. the trip looks like its been great!!! And p.s sorry i've been so absent the last few days - had a crazy computerless w/e! no time!

  2. that 3rd pic - yep i could see a lil family tree there. i think your kids are gonna look like kaylie because she totally looks like jeff


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