Two signs you will probably never see in Singapore


These are some signs we saw outside a bar while we were at home in the United States. I had to take a photo because now that we pay about S$15 for a beer in Singapore, we can't help but be on the lookout for cheaper-priced brews. 

Singapore does Happy Hour differently, too. Usually in the United States, Happy Hour is a window of a few hours where drinks are served at a lower price. At some bars and restaurants in Singapore you'll pay for your drinks on a sliding scale, depending on the time of day. We've seen as many as five different prices for the same glass of beer. 

Even the lowest priced beer is still more than non-Happy Hour prices in the United States. And the best time to buy beer in Singapore? 11 am. Technically, that's 7 pm in California... Happy Hour! 

Have a good weekend!
Jeff & Flora


  1. your dogs are adorable :) just had to say that!

  2. $15 for beer wow thats insane..Here where I live in Ohio ( united states) we can get beer for around $1.00 even margraitas!

  3. arghhh... where on earth are you buying the beer for $15.00SGD??? ($11.40USD)

    I have never paid more than $5.50SGD for a 600ml bottle ($4.18USD)... and a 600ml bottle is THREE glasses, or two beer 'mugs'.

    eg. $2.25SGD for a mug of beer.

    Alcohol in general is expensive here due to the stamp duty and makes it fairly prohibitive for the general local population to have a 'drinking binge' and this is perhaps why you never see any Singaporean out drunk in the streets!

    In four years the only time I have ever come across loud, agressive drunk teenagers was at Holland Village one night last month and dare I say they were caucasions !!!

    Worse still they were walking around with bottles of beer in their hands.

    The local population look down on this behavior and unfortunatly they 'assume' all ang moh's drink a lot and are drunk everyday. :-)

    Don't get me wrong I like my drinks too .... just as much as the next person ... but I know I have toned it down considerably since being here!

    Mostly due to the cost .... but I still go and have my beer for $5.50SGD ... the large bottle that is!

  4. Um.. That's insane. I guess it's time to get sober, right?

    And where's that McD's post...

  5. @Alycia Thank you!
    @Keisha: Wow $1 margaritas? That's just rad.
    @Leone: You're right, it is possible to find cheaper beers (like at hawker centers). The price we mentioned is from going out to bars and restaurants similar to the places we would frequent at home.

    We've pretty much stopped drinking all together since moving here.
    @Elaine it's coming!

  6. it's time to have kc mail you back your brewing equipment ;o)

  7. $15 for beer wow thats insane..Here where I live in Ohio ( united states) we can get beer for around $1.00 even margraitas!


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