where's the picture of the merlion???


Here is a picture of the Merlion I took in March when Jeff and I went to check out our new home. 
Read about my funny story at the Merlion here

And one more photo I took of the Merlion just because I feel like posting it. 

break time.


Photos of Jeff's view from the cafe at his work

The time difference between Sydney and San Jose makes it really difficult for us to talk regularly, but we're trying to make the most of it. It's pretty lonely here, but at least I have the dogs. Thank goodness for Google Video Chat. 

Manly Beach


Photos of Manly Beach taken by Jeff.

Jeff specifically asked me to note that the photos of waves at Manly Beach were taken just for his cousin Austin. Austin has a surf forecasting website. If you like surfing you should check it out. 

Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House

Sydney's Harbour Bridge and Opera House. 

Photos taken by Jeff over the weekend while wandering the streets (and waterways) of Sydney. 
He says the temperature reminds him of home. 

A room with a view.


A view from Jeff's hotel room in Sydney. 

Changin' out


As I type this, Jeff is boarding a flight from Singapore's Changi Airport to Sydney. My poor husband had a six hour long layover in Singapore. He was there in the very early hours of the morning, so nothing was open. We've been chatting via Google Chat all day. He sent me these photos of the empty airport because I asked him to. When we flew out of Changi a few weeks ago, there were a lot more people than usual because a lot of travelers were stuck due to the volcanic ash cloud over Iceland. It's an awesome airport and probably one of the better places to be stranded at. 

Jeff is Sydney bound.


(Jeff at SFO, my last photo of him in the US)

I dropped Jeff of at SFO this morning for his flight to Sydney. He has a layover in Singapore first, though.

The Singapore Airlines person that was checking him in couldn't locate his Australian visa on his passport (it's not a physical visa; it's all electronic now and the visa should appear when his passport number is entered into their system). Jeff was freaking out a little bit, but after a phone call his visa was confirmed and his boarding passes were issued.

The adventure begins!

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Dear Family, Friends, and everyone else who comes to this blog,

We have created this blog to keep everyone in the loop while we're living in Singapore. We'll share photos, experiences and stories here both for posterity and for everyone back home. In case you didn't know, Jeff is leaving to Singapore this coming Monday, while I will follow with Stan and Joe at the beginning of August (we have to take care of quarantine issues first).

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