The week ends, the week begins


Photos from the top:
Jeff and our niece Gabby, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Jeff and me at my going-away party for work
Jeff at SFO earlier today

Jeff is currently en route back to Singapore, and I'm currently sitting on an Aerobed at the apartment. It's the only piece of furniture (if it's even considered furniture) that remains. We took everything else up to my Mom's on Saturday. Her garage is now full of our household belongings. Sorry, Mom. 

What's next: finalizing the dog quarantine stuff, moving out for good of the apartment (my last day is Wednesday technically), and getting rid of the car. We've whittled down our belongings quite a bit, but I think I'm going to have a garage sale in July while I'm living at my Mom's house to make even more room. I also have to get the dogs shaved so they can handle the Singaporean heat better. Poor things, they're going to look like big rodents. 


Photos from our Father's Day weekend in San Francisco and Half Moon Bay. 

Jeff is in town this week on business, hooray! He's definitely been missed around here. The dogs are calm and it's nice to have my BFF back. We're trying to cram as much into this week as possible because this is the last time we'll be together in California for a very long while. One of the things we will do at the end of this week is empty out our apartment of furniture and whatever we've boxed up for storage (Still for sale: bookshelf, desk with hutch, glass display case, our car, lots of kitchen stuff... I'm tired of posting on craigslist because people are flakes).

Luckily for Jeff and his dad, they got to spend Father's Day together this past weekend. Bruce wanted to go to San Francisco on a bus tour (the tour was disappointing and was more of a bus stop than an actual tour). It was sort of bittersweet visiting all the places in San Francisco I've been to a million times, knowing that I will probably not be back anytime soon. We visited Chinatown, Little Italy, Fisherman's Wharf, the Ferry Building, and drove around many other touristy spots. The forecast called for cold, typical San Francisco weather but we lucked out and got a beautiful, warm day. Jeff and I even got sunburned.

For dinner we went to Moss Beach Distillery. I don't think it's a distillery anymore, just a restaurant that overlooks the beach and has great food (we got two orders of the oyster shooters... I could have ordered a dozen more). The place is supposedly haunted. According to the story in my menu, during Prohibition the distillery was a speakeasy. A woman who frequented the speakeasy was killed in a lover's quarrel and found dead on the beach. I was hoping she'd make a guest appearance at dinner, but she decided not to. 

The rest of the week we're booked solid for dinner dates and packing the rest of our worldly belongings. I will try to post more photos later. 

Tortillas and bratwurst.


Jeff was excited to share that he found Johnsonville sausages at the grocery store... FOR S$12. We've always had a package of bratwurst or smoked sausages in the fridge, especially the pineapple sausages from Costco. I'm sure finding this creature comfort at the grocery store was like finding a hidden treasure for him.
He also found these taco kits, fajita kits, and tortillas. I might cave and buy the S$8 tortillas if I can't make my own, but I can't justify buying a "kit" of Mexican food. I think my Mom would disown me. I'd rather just go to Taco Bell if I need a bad-impersonation-of-Mexican-food fix.
I've never had smoked mussels before, but they sell these at the grocery store too. Although they're "Texan Barbeque" style, it says "Product of New Zealand" in the top right corner. 

I'm looking forward to eating at the hawker centers regularly, but it's nice to know that our cravings for bratwurst and tortillas can be satiated with a quick (and expensive) run to the grocery store. 

Corporate housing


These are photos from Jeff's room at the corporate apartment he's currently residing at. Jeff said it was a beautiful day in Singapore yesterday. He is in the process of trying to find an apartment in Singapore and is having trouble with his real estate broker. She seems to lack a sense of urgency despite Jeff's repeated attempts to contact her (he can't stay in corporate housing forever). Jeff is getting a company cell phone this week, so hopefully that will allow him to reach her more directly. 

We're looking for at least a one bedroom apartment that accepts dogs, relatively close to an MRT line, and with air conditioning! If possible, finding a place near the beach or a park so the dogs would have a place to run would be awesome. Let's hope finding this is as easy as it sounds. Along with going through a broker, Jeff and I are also looking through craigslist postings. 

Speaking of apartments, I'm currently packing up our apartment in San Jose. I think I'm the only person I know that finds packing and purging to be therapeutic in a weird sort of way. I've also come to the realization that Jeff and I have never completely unpacked in the past four apartments we've lived in. I've gotten rid of a lot of stuff this weekend, but we've still got some things that have yet to find new homes. Does anyone want to buy a bookcase or display case?



Here are some photos that Jeff posted on Picasa from his recent business trip in Tokyo, Japan. This picture above is of a beer vending machine (I'm surprised we don't own one of these). He's flying back to Singapore as we speak. 

I have three weeks left in San Jose before I move in with my Mom for a month. The dogs and I are going to hang out until the beginning of August so that they can go through a series of vaccinations and tests stateside to avoid 30 day quarantine in Singapore. Instead, they'll only be in dog jail for 10 days. 
Jeff's hotel room in Tokyo. They stayed at Hotel Nikko. There's one in San Francisco that we had dinner at once. It was really, really good Japanese food.

Oh hell.


I was going through my Picasa albums this evening when I found these two photos I took in the restroom of the Sydney airport on my way home last week. This vending machine had cool things I've never seen in restroom vending machines before: mascara, eyeliner, miniature perfumes (along with the usual stuff a girl can find in a bathroom vending machine). But what really caught my eye is the caption under the tampons: 
Have a beautiful day in hell

LOL! My first reaction was "Maybe something was lost in translation" but hello, I saw this in Sydney!

PS Jeff flew into Japan today and will be there for a few days. 

Sunday in Sydney.


Saturday in Sydney was spent hanging out with no particular agenda in mind. We walked around Darling Harbour (the area of Sydney where Jeff's hotel and work are), The Rocks, enjoyed each other's company, and ate at James Squire Pub for a late birthday lunch. I had's delicious! I think Jeff was still tripping out that I was in Sydney for his birthday for much of the day. We went to bed early because our day started quite early.

Sunday, however, we wanted to maximize our sightseeing since Jeff wouldn't be able to take any time off of work. So we bought tickets for the Sydney and Bondi Explorer buses. These buses are hop on/hop off buses with stops scattered all over the city. The buses come in 30 minute intervals at each stop, giving tourists enough time to enjoy the sights and get on a bus whenever they're ready to hit the next point of interest. Luckily for us, there weren't a lot of tourists around (it's winter down under right now). We covered a lot of ground.
Some of the places we saw were Gap Bluff, Watsons Bay, Bondi Beach, Bronte Beach, and of course the Sydney Opera House. We had a yummy lunch at the Bavarian Bier Cafe in Bondi Beach and did a bit of shopping at the Bondi Market. It was a long day of sightseeing, but the bus helped us get to a lot of places we otherwise might have missed. Sydney is such a fun place to visit, no matter what time of year it is. 

Random Sydney photos.

I made it back to the States today and feel even more ready to move to Singapore now. Jeff and I had a great (albeit brief) weekend together, and we realize that home is wherever we are as long as we're together. Even our hotel room in Sydney felt like home. This trip was much needed, for both of us. 

I thought I'd post more photos of our weekend together in Sydney because... well, because.
This is a photo of a bar in The Rocks called The Argyle. Jeff said it's huge inside and that he really liked it. We didn't make it in for drinks but we passed by it a few times. The Rocks is a historic part of Sydney that is where the first settlers from Britain set up camp. It was inhabited by indigenous people long before, though. 
No, no one lost their parrot. These lorikeets were flying all over Sydney, singing loudly and beautifully. I wish our common birds were as vibrant as these. 
A beautiful fountain in Hyde Park.
Me on the steps of St. Mary's.
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