Our new apartment.


Jeff got the keys to our new apartment yesterday! Here are some photos he sent me. All of the furniture that is in the photos is included as part of our lease.

One of the bathrooms.
The front door and dining area.
The TV and hallway, as seen from the couch (the TV was bought for us, but not to keep).
The kitchen, which opens up to a little room where our washer/dryer are. Probably where the dog kennels will go, too.
The living room.
One of the bedrooms came with a bed. I like the wooden floors.

Also, Jeff booked one-way tickets to Singapore for the dogs and me. We leave SFO on August 12th (a little under three weeks!). That weekend, we will be shopping to stock up our new apartment and working on making it our own. We'll be calling this place home for the next two years.

Ice skating on the beach


Australia is not usually a place you think of for ice skating. This winter, they've transformed part of Bondi Beach into sort of a Bavarian winter wonderland complete with ice rink, "ski lodge", and lots of German food and beer. The "ski lodge" was just a hall with some tables for people to relax at, and all of decoration was cheesy but fun.

Bob Mohan, Victoria Fan, Andrew McLoughlin, Laura Gandy and myself from the Finance team in Sydney all went to the 3pm skating session on Saturday. Not having skated on rental skates in 10+ years, it was more difficult than I'm used to. I'm wishing I had brought my skates from Singapore. 

Here are a few photos and videos of the afternoon. Enjoy!


I'll be back in Singapore on Friday, and I'll move in to our new apartment over the weekend. Then just a few more weeks until Flora and our doggies can join me in Singapore. Once the Florarazzi gets to Singapore, there will be plenty of pictures and updates for our blog. 

Are you fur real?


Roseville is hot. Hotter than San Jose. Sometimes it would get warm in San Jose, but the dogs weren't usually outside for long and when we would return to our apartment after a walk to the park, it was always nice and cool. Basically what I'm trying to say is that my dogs have no idea what they're in for when they experience Singapore weather. They are used to California's comfortable, Mediterranean climate. 

Since the dogs aren't used to the heat up here (wait till they experience humidity, poor things), they've been struggling a bit with their usual Bedlington Terrier haircuts. It's also been a few weeks since their last grooming so their hair has been longer than usual. Our groomer suggested I just shave them before moving to Singapore, since it would help them cope with the heat and they would be easier to groom after their stint in quarantine. He also warned me that they look ugly when they're shaved. I took them to my Mom's groomer yesterday and, well, here are some photos: 

Little Joe (l) and Lord Stanley (r)

Little Joe

The dogs now look like Lorax trees. Or anorexic poodles. I feel horrible for having them shaved because they look kind of ridiculous, but the dogs don't seem to mind. Their panting and discomfort with the heat has been significantly lessened since their haircuts. Stanley was avoiding humans to cuddle with because it made him too hot, but post-haircut he's back to his old, burying and snuggling ways.

The groomer left their mohawks but I'm not sure if I'll keep them or trim them down. What do you think? 

Frequent flyers.


photo of Jeff in his hotel room in Sydney

Tomorrow, Jeff is heading back to Sydney for a two-week-long business trip. If I find a cheap enough fare I'll fly out to see him again (this time it won't be a surprise though). 

We are hoping to hear back from the quarantine facility early next week to find out when our quarantine reservation begins. Based on this, I'll book my one-way ticket to Singapore. I still have a few dog-related things to take care of, but for the most part we (the dogs and I) are ready to go.

In case you were wondering about our apartment, click here to check out the building's website (our layout is the 2 bedroom unit). Jeff gets the keys to the new place when he gets back from Sydney and hopefully he'll have photos to share. 

Apartment update.


Photos of our apartment, former roommate Noralee

We no longer live in downtown San Jose. On Wednesday, I turned the keys in for apartment #118. As bummed as we are to give up the coolest apartment we've ever called home, Jeff and I are very excited to move into a new one. Less than a day after our lease was up, Jeff told me that the offer he made on an apartment in Singapore was accepted. Hooray! We were only homeless for about 6 hours.

I'm hoping Jeff will send pictures of the new apartment, but he says he probably won't get the keys for it until the end of the month when he returns from another business trip to Sydney. Here's what I know about it from him so far: 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, tile and hardwood floors, on the 20th floor, 2 balconies (one of which faces the ocean), in the East Coast district (what I wanted!), a short walk to the beach, in a housing complex with all the amenities. Jeff said it's a 10 minute motorcycle ride to work. Minor detail: we don't have a motorcycle. Yet.
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