A walk in the East Coast Park.


Jeff and I walked to East Coast Lagoon Food Village on Saturday for a late lunch and we feasted on amazingly delicious hawker food. This place is a mere 15 minute walk from our house. We spent the rest of the afternoon walking along the pathways of East Coast Park, eating $1 ice cream sandwiches, and taking in the beautiful weather. 

Flora the Dragon Fruit Slayer


Jeff and I went grocery shopping last weekend and on my way through the produce section, I found this:
I had never seen a dragon fruit like this before. I'm sure I've eaten plenty of things with dragon fruit flavoring. I wanted to try the real thing, though. So in our grocery basket it went.
This is what it looks like on the inside. For those of you who've never tried dragon fruit, it has the texture (and seeds) like kiwi. Jeff says it tastes like a kiwi with less flavor. He doesn't really like it. 
I love dragon fruit! I am eating one as I type this. It tastes good, looks good, and can even be used as it's own serving dish. What's not to love?

Special deliveries.


Mom: "How are you going to get the dogs home?"
Me: "They're being delivered. Like pizza." 

On Tuesday, the dogs were delivered straight to our door from the quarantine facility. They were so excited and curious, and after sniffing out the entire apartment (it didn't take very long) they jumped up on the bed and fell asleep. It took over four months of jumping through export/import hoops to get them here and I can't believe it's finally over. Was it stressful? Yes. Expensive? Oh yes. Worth it? Most definitely. Like Jeff always says, they're a part of our family now. (By the way, if anyone stumbles across this blog because they are thinking of moving to Singapore with pets, email me. I would be happy to bestow my dog quarantine wisdom on anyone in this predicament.)

Also delivered on Tuesday were the dressers and couch that we bought from Ikea. I got a desk and a chair for the second bedroom too, which I have taken over and turned into my office/play room. We'll post photos of our home later when it looks a little more lived in. For now, you can see the two area rugs we bought on Arab Street in the photos above.

Caught in the rain without an umbrella


The weather in Singapore has the ability to change from sunny one moment to downpour the next. Jeff and I rarely leave the house without an umbrella. But in case we're ever caught in the rain without an umbrella, we'll look for a vending machine like this one to save the day. And our hair.

Rich and Maria


When we first announced to our family that we were moving to Singapore, we were told that some friends of the family, Rich and Maria, also lived here. We all met for dinner and drinks on Saturday and had a fun time. The food was great and the company was even better. By the way, if you're ever in Singapore and want some margaritas, Cafe Iguana has better margaritas than Muchos (ask for peach and mango combined). We saved you some research. 

The whole night made us realize that the world is such a small place (and Singapore is even smaller). We were sitting in a bar in Singapore, with friends of the family from back home, listening to the Mexican music I grew up with, in a bar decorated with Frida Kahlo paintings. Sometimes there are moments that make us feel like we're not really that far away.

No durian


A sign commonly found everywhere here, forbidding durian. This one I took in a taxi.

We have yet to try it, probably because it smells so bad. It's not allowed in cabs or on the MRT because it stinks! You can definitely tell when our neighbors are eating it because the smell wafts over to our place, and I can smell it before I get near the vendor that is selling it. 

Last Friday


Last Friday after I went to visit the dogs at quarantine, I met Jeff in the CBD so we could walk around the Marina and nearby areas. Singapore is hosting the first-ever Youth Olympic Games, so the Marina is set up for Olympic-related events right now. We also wanted to check out the Marina Bay Sands. While a lot of the surrounding area is still under construction, it was still beautiful to see and one of these days we're going to hit up the casino.
A view from the Helix Bridge of the Marina and downtown. The building on the left is the under construction ArtScience Museum. It was designed to look like a lotus. 
A view of the Marina Bay Sands.
The lighthouse contains the Olympic flame. This is the second Olympic flame Jeff and I have been to this year. We saw the one in Vancouver for the Winter Olympics, too.
A better view of the Museum and the Marina Bay Sands.
Downtown Singapore is so beautiful! That low, well-lit building in front is The Fullerton Hotel. It used to be the post office. You can also see the Merlion spewing out water in this photo.
Outside of the Esplanade, BayBeats was taking place. We caught part of one of the bands' performance (but I can't remember who it was). There was more live music inside the foyer of the Esplanade too. We saw Jamie Cullum here a few months ago and we're catching Vampire Weekend in October. Sweet! 
On our way to Boat Quay, I saw this Fernando Botero sculpture. I love his work! There used to be a Botero piece outside of the Santa Barbara Museum of Art while we were living there. 
Then we walked through Boat Quay to Clarke Quay where we had some drinks, but I didn't take photos. And then we went home.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who has followed our blog or signed up to get our posts via email. We love reading your comments! 

Look Strait ahead.


Views from the living room.

Views from our bedroom balcony. We can see the Singapore Strait while sitting in bed!
(P.S. click on the photos to enlarge)

First weekend in Singapore.


I arrived in Singapore in the very early hours of Saturday morning and after dealing with the dogs' import paperwork, we came home to a very stark apartment. Jeff and I spent the weekend taking care of errands and furnishing our apartment. It's time to turn this house into a home! 

We took a cab to Ikea on Saturday morning and look who we saw on the way there! Our pet import agent drove by us with our doggies in the back! They were on their way to the quarantine station from the airport pet holding facility. 
Jeff picked this couch out for the living room. The ugly white one is going in the second bedroom.
Apparently we just missed a really big sale at Ikea here so they were cleaned out of some pieces of furniture we wanted. We'll be heading back soon for some much-needed dressers, a desk and a few other things. 
Jeff finally got to play with the doggies! They were excited to see us, but it seems like they were a little confused. Stan kept running to the gate because he wanted to go home (just like at the dog park). They looked dirty, probably because they soiled their beds in their kennels and then slept in them (they were in their kennels for about 20 hours before being walked!). We played with them in a yard for a while, then sat in the kennel with them so they could see it was okay to be there. They scarfed down all their food while we were hanging out with them. I miss my little guys. 
On Sunday, we headed to Arab Street and the nearby shopping areas to find some rugs and a few other household items. We bought a big rug for the living room and a smaller one for our bedroom.

I'm off to visit the dogs at quarantine today. I am going to give them baths and brush their fur, and get some cuddling in too. 


Here are some photos taken by our friend Noralee, who came to meet us at SFO to say good bye (Thanks Noralee!). The dogs did surprisingly well at the airport, except for Joe going to the bathroom in front of an audience of elderly people in the international terminal and Stan throwing up near the people mover. Oops. Dogs will be dogs! 

We made it!


We made it to Singapore!

These are some photos I took with my cell phone at the airport. I'm exhausted, but happy because my dogs made it safely. The agent we hired to handle the dog quarantine transport stuff took them on a walk a few minutes ago and called to let us know Joe was wagging his tail and Stanley was very curious. That sounds like they're OK to me. Tomorrow we'll see them in quarantine. 

More photos soon... thanks everyone for the love and good wishes.
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