Singapore Flyer


Included in our F1 tickets were free flights on the Singapore Flyer. We decided to take advantage of this on Friday since we got to the track pretty early. And because I've been bugging Jeff to come with me on the Flyer since the day I arrived here. The Singapore Flyer is the world's largest observation wheel and is 165m (541 ft). That's about 37 stories high. 
The inside of our capsule.
From the Flyer we saw these exclusive rooftop suites across from pit lane. How awesome would it be to watch the race from here? 
This photo was taken at the top. You can see the Marina Bay Sands in the background. 
Although a trip all the way around is about 30 minutes, that was too long for Jeff. Not even a third of the way through he was ready to get off. It's definitely a once-is-enough sort of tourist attraction. The views are great, even though it was a bit hazy when we went up (I recommend going on a clearer day, or evening so it's not as hot in the capsules). 

Adam Lambert at Singapore GP

Adam Lambert performed on Sunday at the Village Stage before the F1 race. This was his second performance of the weekend. He has a really good voice and puts on a good show, despite the killer heat. His dancers and band were awesome, too. I liked the Hester Prynne shout-out on his hat (the drum set had a scarlet letter on it as well). Here's one of his videos if you've never seen or heard of him before. I can't get this song out of my head: 

Daughtry at Singapore GP


Jeff and I got to see Daughtry perform at F1 on Friday. They played on the Village Stage in Zone 1, which was smaller and more intimate. We were pretty close up to the stage.
Jeff geeked out a bit and noticed the bass player's tattoo is an international power symbol for an on/off button (see above, the guy on the left has a tattoo on his collar bone).

Daughtry is a really good band to watch live. No fancy stage show or anything, just a group of talented musicians doing what they do best. You can check out their music and videos here.

2010 Singapore F1 Grand Prix


Before Jeff and I knew for a fact that we were moving to Singapore, we bought tickets to the Singapore Grand Prix (I mentioned this earlier, too). To be honest it was pretty much a done deal before he actually signed on the dotted line, so it's not like we were taking a huge gamble. He was just super excited about coming to a Formula 1 race. I think we bought these tickets almost a year ago. I should have spent some of that time working on my panning skills because taking photos of really fast cars is hard and I suck at it. Here are some photos I took over the three-day race weekend. 

I had a lot of overpriced satay over the weekend. 
Porsche Carrera Cup Asia qualifying
 Jeff rented a Kangaroo TV for the weekend to watch the cameras on the race cars and hear the team radios.
DJ Tiga at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre
We sat at Turn 1. This is a shot looking left from our seats. 
You can see the Singapore Flyer in the background and pit lane is visible, too.
Looking right from our seats.
 We sat right across from this conveniently positioned big screen. 
Sebastian Vettel, the driver we were rooting for. He came in second place.
Here's a quick video of the start of the race taken with my phone. F1 cars are so freaking loud (ear plugs were included with our tickets). The sound of a F1 car's engine starting up sounds truly amazing, though.

It was a fun weekend and we are already looking forward to next year's race. We're thinking about going to the Malaysia Grand Prix, too. 

Tortilla time!


On Sunday, our teeny weeny closet kitchen at Casa de Thompson was turned into a flour tortilla factory. 
I know Mom, it's butter-flavored. But that's all they have here! I'm surprised I even found vegetable shortening. We went to the grocery store a few weeks ago looking for this stuff. I asked one of the girls that worked there if they had any in stock because I couldn't find any in the store. She smiled and ran into the back room. Moments later, she emerged with the biggest can of butter-flavored Crisco. She giggled as she handed it me. I guess it's not a commonly requested item. 
Jeff had to keep converting measurements on his phone because the recipe was in ounces and our measuring spoons are in milliliters. 

We also used one of these that we picked up in Little India to flatten the tortillas. It was called a "chapati press." Tomato, tomaaato. We use it for making corn tortillas, too.

We made enough tortillas to get us through the week. They taste so good when you make them yourself. The butter-flavored vegetable shortening doesn't really seem to change the flavor of the tortillas, but I'd still like to make them with regular Crisco if I can find some.

We'll probably make more tortillas this weekend. At the grocery store on Sunday, I saw banana leaves. I'm going to try and make tamales using banana leaves instead of corn husks because they're cheaper and more readily accessible. They sell corn husks at the Mexican kiosk I wrote about earlier, but I'm going to try banana leaves first.

In case you want to try making flour tortillas yourself, the recipe is super easy. Use this one: 
P.S. if you need vegetable shortening and live in Singapore, email me. 
I've got more than enough and I'm willing to share my vat of it with you.

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Friday night lights


On Friday night, Jeff and I met up with my friend Jihyun. She comes to Singapore regularly for work. We all used to go to middle school together and Jihyun and I used to work at Orange Julius together when we were 14. Wow, flashbacks. Anyway, we got together for some drinks at New Asia, a bar on the 71st and 72nd floors of the Swisshotel. The views were pretty amazing. 

Our drinks: Jihyun got a Merlion, I got the Stamford Tower, Jeff got a 3-in-1. Mine was actually pretty good, but I felt like I was at a theme park with my goofy building-shaped drink cup. Jihyun's looked like a toothbrush holder.
This is what my drink was supposed to look like. We were at the top, where the big windows are.
The city is preparing for the Singapore F1 Grand Prix next weekend, hence the bright lights illuminating the street track below. It's the only night race on the entire F1 circuit. We bought tickets to the race before we were 100% sure that we would be moving to Singapore. Jeff is really looking forward to it. 

After we were done at New Asia, we went to check out the festivities at Clarke Quay for the Mid-Autumn Festival. There are lots of lit up displays like these along the quay. 
Then we walked down through Chinatown because Jihyun had never been before, and because I wanted to see the lanterns there again. I think they're beautiful. 
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