Malay Cemetery in Kampong Glam


Where do you suggest your friends meet you after not having seen them for a few weeks? An old cemetery, of course! Because hanging out at an abandoned railway station wasn't creepy enough for us, apparently.

I met up with notabilia and Singapore Noodle recently at the old Malay Cemetery in Kampong Glam. The tombstones are very old and are arranged almost haphazardly. They date back to the early 1800's and it is believed that this is the oldest Malay cemetery in Singapore. It is located at the intersection of Victoria Street and Jalan Kubor. There on tombstones on either side of Jalan Kubor, which literally means Grave Street in Malay. 

If you decide to traipse around in the cemetery for yourself, do yourself a huge favor and wear long sleeves, pants, and bug spray. We were attacked by mosquitos. In fact, I didn't get a lot of good photographs because I was too busy brushing the mosquitos off my skin. 


  1. Definitely a very old cemetery...I wondered if you had a chance to notice if there were inscriptions on the stones? The oldness of the cemetery and general disarray makes for beautiful photographs...regret your attack by mosquitoes...nasty little devils!

  2. Sounds like you could have used a....wait for it, wait for it....MOSQUITO INSPECTOR!!!!!!
    And yes - super creepy, Flora!

  3. @Theanne it didn't look like there were inscriptions on the tombstones, but maybe I didn't look closely enough.

    @Kiersten LOL he needs to check this place out! I think I got bit about 20 times. Yuck.

  4. I would feel a bit scared to come here if it's close to evening time. I am easily spooked. That was very brave of you.

  5. @bookjunkie it was actually quite serene standing in the middle of all those tombstones and not scary at all.

  6. I need to check into your blog more often! Every time I see something I want to do! And gorgeous photos as well.


    PS I like the update to your home page too- All four of you look great!

  7. Those shots you captured are eerie, yet beautiful!

  8. Hi, first time visitor here. I was born in Singapore and brought up there (and now live in the US) and I never knew this cemetery existed! I'm going to have to check it out when I'm next back in Singapore. Lovely posts!

  9. do you realise that there are only 2 different style of tombstones (flat and round)? apparently each represents the gender of the deceased.

  10. I accidently come across this cemetery while looking for a toilet one early morning while in Singapore. Yes, the setting is really scary with old mature, banyan tree , broken tombstone and abandon graveyard. A perfect setting for a good Malaysian make scary movie with pontianak and stuff.
    Wonder why, they dont exhume the grave like all other grave yard in Singapore

    zul malaysia


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