Shanghai Museum


The Shanghai Museum has an impressive four-story collection of ancient Chinese art. It's a great place to get a history lesson on the people of China and their artistic abilities. According to the museum guide, the museum boasts one million pieces in its collection, covering 21 categories ranging from bronzes, ceramics, painting, bamboo, artifacts of ethnic minorities, coins, and more. It took us a few hours to walk through the museum; if you're an art and history buff, it will definitely take you longer.
This is called a ding, a bronze vessel used for food. The museum was designed to resemble one.
My favorite part of the museum was the Chinese Minority Nationalities' Gallery, which featured the beautiful traditional clothing of the different minority groups in the country. The intricacies of the clothing are so impressive and the styles are very diverse. 

Okay, that's the last of the Shanghai posts. We also wanted to point out that our current blog header is comprised mostly of photos from this last trip. Jeff wants to try and create new headers every month or so. We'll see how that goes, but in the meantime we just wanted to clarify that no, you do not dress in wool coats and earmuffs in Singapore. I guess you could if you really wanted to, but a sauna would be much more effective.


  1. Like your header...years ago my husband and I used to eat in China Town in Manhattan...we both enjoyed having Shanghai steamed buns...delicious!
    I liked the clothing in the Chinese Minority Nationalities' Gallery colorful, with the bead work, silver necklace, embroidery...

  2. @Theanne Chinatown in New York is beautiful! I remember it being very colorful and busy.


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