Tianzifang, Shanghai


Tianzifang is a rustic little neighborhood of hidden alleyways full of unique boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants in Shanghai. Don't let the low-hanging power lines, laundry hanging on poles, or rows of rusty bicycles deter you from giving this place a thorough look. Some of the area's greatest shops are found tucked away in a dead end alley. The shops here have a variety of well-curated trinkets, art, jewelry and clothing. Although it is sort of a tourist attraction now, people still live above the businesses (this explains the laundry hanging out to dry). 


  1. I like that there are still people in the world who use bicycles for transportation...the pandas (and kitties) grabbed my attention...I like the big one in the back row, middle. So everyone in the world DOESN'T have a dryer...who knew...LOL Interested in the statue of the uniformed lady with camera...what is she telling me that I don't understand? Enjoyed the experience of visiting Tianzifang, Shanghai...thank you!

  2. The Statue alone, worth the trip. ;) It looks amazing, I really want to make this a destination this year.


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