Homeward bound


Before and after
From left to right: Jess, Nick, Dan, Sarah, me, Jeff

If you ask any expat what they miss the most from their home country, there's a good chance you'll hear them recite a laundry list of all kinds of things only available from their native land. For us, family and friends will always be the number one thing we miss. Also up there on the list are hockey, good Mexican food, seasons, and of course, California wine. 

Jeff and I decided a trip home was in order to satisfy our cravings for the people and things we've been missing in Singapore. We sort of planned our arrival to coincide with the annual Superbowl party that Jeff's parents throw, which in recent years has become a family reunion of sorts. It was a great way for us to cram as many family visits into one trip home as possible.

First things first: a wine-tasting trip to Testarossa winery with some of Jeff's cousins the day we arrived. Jeff and I hadn't been back since our wedding day a few years ago. The weather was like a warm spring afternoon, the wine was delicious, and the company was great. It feels so great to be home. 


  1. Straight hair. You forgot: we miss straight hair in humidity haven, Singapore!

    Have fun at home. Catching up with friends and family is the best.

  2. Yes I could have added that to my laundry list, too. It was one of the first things I did when I got back. See you soon!

  3. Hey guys! Great post.

  4. come visit me sooooon fren! i'm excited you are here. cant wait to hear about your adventures and posts in person- i'm especially interested in the thaipusam event and bug eating :o)

  5. Ah yes, friends, wine and fresh organic produce. We miss the North Bay very very much. Have a great trip you guys. Lets meet up when you get home.

  6. I found you through notabilia! I lived in Singapore more than 15 years ago (don't count to figure out my age...) when I was in high school. I was an expat's child and now I am an expat with my hubby. My hubby and I have been away from home for a while and yes, we do have things we miss from home. It's funny that I have lived in the States for a while that I miss more things from the States than things I miss from Japan, but I do miss my families. You have a beautiful blog. Very lovely!


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