Singapore at the World Pond Hockey Championship in New Brunswick


Hockey in Singapore? Kind of, but not really. Jeff represented Singapore this weekend at the World Pond Hockey Championship in Plaster Rock, New Brunswick. He named his team after our beloved Singapore Slingers. Jeff was the only player on the team from Singapore; the rest were from the Bay Area. 

The World Pond Hockey Championship is a big tournament in a little town all the way on the eastern coast of Canada. According to their website, upwards of 8,000 people attend each year. The Singapore Slingers were the only team from all of Asia in attendance. Jeff was told he might be interviewed by the media at the tournament, and he was. You can read an article from the CBC which includes a quote from Jeff here

Below are some photos and videos from Jeff:
Local youth hockey players were chosen to be the flag bearer for each team during the opening ceremonies, like in the Olympics.
The Slingers talking to the San Jose Scorpions. Jeff is in the middle, with the Slingers jersey.
Yes, one of the guys is wearing a hot dog costume. Photo courtesy of WorldPondHockey.
 The Slingers talking to the Scorpions. I feel cold just looking at this photo.
The pond hockey rinks in the evening. 
This is a video Jeff filmed of the opening of the tournament and you can see his teammates. 

Jeff said he had a great time and hopes to come back next year. It was freezing and we couldn't find all his snow gear in time, but he said he still had lots of fun. We wish there was more of a hockey presence in Singapore. If anyone finds this and is interested in playing ice hockey in Singapore, contact Jeff at

Update: Video embed codes aren't working right now, but you can see them by clicking here and here. We'll work on fixing these ASAP.


  1. I want to get on the ice here. I heard there's a rink at Marina Bay Sands now. Is this true?

    Awesome post BTW! I love that you were in my home country doing what we silly Canadians do when it's cold. Heck we even skate when it's hot out.

  2. @Stacey, the rink at Marina Bay Sands is synthetic ice. It's like skating around on plastic. Kind of a dream killer.

    You should try skating at Kallang Leisure Park. They're closed on Wednesdays for kids' hockey practice though.

  3. Way to go to WATCH ice hockey at home where it's warm LOL But give those who skate outdoors in the winter a lot of credit!

  4. Now THAT is how you ice skate! None of this fake ice crap.

    I'd be interested in learning hockey if I could remember how to get up when I fall down on the ice. Or if I ever managed to master skating backwards. But if you need someone to strategically fall down in front of the opposition, maybe I could help out (j/k)

  5. I am not very patriotic but I think it's so cool that Jeff represented Singapore even though he was the only one on the team

  6. I was thinking........Where did you find all that snow in Singapore?; let alone all the hockey equipment. Good to hear that Jeff enjoyed some Maritime hospitality. I'm from Nova Scotia.

  7. I am not very patriotic but I think it's so cool that Jeff represented Singapore even though he was the only one on the team


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