Men's Fashion Week 2011 Singapore: A Review


Singapore is always looking to bring attention to itself and attract new visitors. The latest attraction was Men's Fashion Week Singapore 2011, which ran last week at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center (I wrote a preview of the event here). The inaugural event featured the works of well known designers like Canali and Emmanuel, but much attention was directed towards the Asian designers who used MFW as a platform to debut their A/W 2011 fashion lines. 

Korean designer G.I.L. Homme was my absolute favorite designer all week. Along with talented designers from all over Asia, it was great to see local Singaporean designers like Reckless Ericka, Elohim by Sabrina Goh, and ATZU show their collections. 
G.I.L. Homme on the runway
Despite the beautiful clothing and handsome models on the runway, something felt amiss at MFW. The show itself was housed in an expo hall at MBS. The runway was framed by rows of seats arranged like bleachers at a sporting event. Due to the high railing in front of the first row, the obligatory front-row-across-the-runway photo was simply not possible. It also felt like we were seated for some sort of concert or theater performance instead of a fashion show.

There was a heavy emphasis during MFW on the sponsors of the event, namely the Marina Bay Sands. Yes, it was held at MBS, but we didn't need to be reminded of it every five minutes. The promotional video lauding the development and success of MBS played at the beginning of every runway show is still reeling in my memory. Every time I hear Creedence Clearwater Revival, I feel the sudden urge to buy a Tudor watch. 
Songzio, another Korean designer
Logistically, there is a lot of room for improvement for next year's show. The shows started about an hour past their posted time and there was nowhere to sit while waiting. According to fashion blogger Bryan Boy, Eun Gil, designer for G.I.L. Homme, was unable to conduct interviews because a Korean translator was unavailable. Rookie mistake. 

And then there was the Fashion Metropolis. With a name like that, I expected a slew of pop up shops and fashion events. It wasn't much more than a cavernous expo hall with a few sponsor booths, loud music, and nowhere to sit. 

I hope even more emphasis is placed on the designers and their collections for next year's Men's Fashion Week and less is placed on the corporate sponsorship. And I hope they work out some of these details in time for Women's Fashion Week in Singapore, which was announced to take place sometime in September of 2011. 

Did you go to Men's Fashion Week 2011 Singapore? What did you think? 


  1. Songzio had strange clothes. Not sure anyone would actually wear those in every day use.

    The k-pop band they had for the "party" afterwards was not so great either.

    Fun to experience an actual fashion show though.

  2. You read my post. I too wish they had picked a better venue. Tents in Fort Canning Park, perhaps? Or something in the CBD?

  3. Yeah, there have to be better places to do it next year. Somewhere different, like Tanjong Pagar or a shipping yard, or even a museum. They need to think outside the box (box, expo hall--same thing) for next year.


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