Black Pepper Crab at East Coast Lagoon Food Village


In case you couldn't tell by the absence of blog posts, we've been kind of busy lately. First we were back in California for a week. Then California came to us: Jeff's cousin Logan came to visit for a weekend, and then Jeff's parents arrived (they'll be here all week). 

Singapore is known for its delicious food and popular dishes, so we had to let our family experience it for themselves. This past weekend we took everyone to eat at our favorite food stall at East Coast Lagoon Food Village, Leng Heng BBQ Seafood (here's a previous post about this hawker center). Our favorite menu items are black pepper crab and chili crab. 
Before: black pepper crab, chili crab, barbeque sting ray, chicken wings, cereal prawns.
After: lots of dirty napkins and everyone in a food coma.
Logan and Jeff in front of our favorite hawker stall, Leng Heng BBQ Seafood. 
This stall was voted one of the top ten hawker stalls in Singapore according to CNNgo a couple days ago.
Jeff's mom and cousin Logan at East Coast Park. 
Sometimes the dogs and I come running on the beach here in the mornings.
Look! A Flying Pigeon


  1. Please say Hi to Jeff's parents and cousin for me! I'm salivating from the food pix. --brad

  2. What a delcious, yummy mess .....

    can see you are 'busy', but it is an enjoyable 'busy'. Have fun!!

  3. oooo what does sting ray taste like? i imagine the texture is like egg or something but i bet the taste is yummers. dont say it tastes like sheeken either :o/ haha. for a sec i thought that was YOUR flyin pajaro n said oh wow you are really embracing the culture to the roots, now you can carry the boys around, heehee. big hello to your visita- logan looks like i imagine i would look like, just pourin sweat, pobrecito and mom just chillin like it isnt hot at all, love it!

  4. If they're still doing that contest for who can take their Pizza My Heart shirt farthest away Jeff should enter. He may win, or come in second.

  5. @Fauna that is such a great idea. I will look into it!


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