Hiking along the American River


Foresthill Bridge, the tallest bridge in California over the North Fork of the American River. 
You might recognize the bridge from the terrible movie xXx with Vin Diesel.
My sister Fauna and her dog G.G.

One of the best things about living in San Jose is being so close to so many fun things to do in California. One weekend you can go to the beach, another you can go wine tasting in Napa Valley, the next you can go to the mountains.

While Jeff was working this past week in Mountain View, I spent a few days with my Mom and sister (it was a quick business trip for Jeff; we were only in town a week). On one of the days, my sister and I went hiking at the American River Confluence which is only a short drive from their house. It was a beautiful day for a hike and as we climbed higher, the air became cooler. 

To our Singaporean readers, where are the best (if any) hiking spots in Singapore?


  1. i don't know the places in Singapore but I'm going to see some beautiful hiking spots in Bulgaria in June. The photos are wonderful!

  2. how lucky to get to take a quick trip home! looks like you enjoyed it.

  3. Pulau Ubin? But you'd be drenched in your own sweat before you even start... That's probably the reason why so many of my fellow Singaporeans do their hiking in Orchard Road...

  4. @WhiteDuskRed I never thought about hiking at Pulau Ubin, I've only been there to mountain bike. Your comment about Singaporeans hiking at Orchard Road is funny!

  5. Been on that bridge several times. Daughter Jenni lived in Foresthill. Note the suicide prevention signs all over the bridge. Great pix. Thanks. --brad

  6. @Brad, Thanks for stopping by. Sadly, my sister's good friend committed suicide off that bridge not too long ago. For being such a beautiful place, it's also quite haunting.

  7. I can't help but notice that you and your sister are Flora and Fauna. Was there some sort of coin toss to decide which would be which? :P

  8. @Kirsten I was named after my Mom! No need for a coin toss.


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