Ice Cream, Singapore Style


It's hard to walk by an ice cream vendor in Singapore and not buy an ice cream sandwich. Or maybe I just have a weakness for ice cream, especially when it's hot out. You can get a slab of ice cream served on bread, in between two wafer cookies, or in a cup. Surprisingly, ice cream served in bread is actually really good. My favorite way to order it is as a wafer cookie sandwich.

The ice cream vendors are often in areas of Singapore where lots of tourists go, like Orchard Road or the Bugis Street area. Sometimes you can find an ice cream vendor at East Coast Park. You can usually spot them by their big umbrellas.
Pick a flavor, pay a buck or two for your ice cream. Most carts usually have chocolate, red bean, durian, chocolate chip, ripple, blueberry, mango, sweet corn, chocolate mint chip, and ripple flavors. 
The ice cream uncle pulls a block of ice cream out of his cart and cuts it into a slab.
Chocolate and durian ice cream sandwiches. No one liked the durian flavor!

Red bean and blueberry are favorites. What's your favorite flavor? 


  1. oh my, ice cream on bread and sweet corn flavor. interesting...

  2. I have yet to try sweet corn flavor, actually. Maybe I'll get it next time!

  3. When I was a kid there was only chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and maybe red bean.

    My family hasn't got an ice cream from a vendor like that for years because we're cheapskate and still clinging on the pre-inflation days when it only cost 70 cents tops.

  4. new meaning to an ice cream sandwich. this looks awesome.

  5. last year "The Great Race" did a show on the uncles in Singapore selling the ice cream.... it appraently craeted a lot of interest in the US.

    I didn't know about it until I had a sudden surge on my blog post about "ice cream in Singapore':

    but from that, the "Food and Travel" mag contacted me for one of the photos which was published in their mag the following month.

    I don't like it in bread, much prefer the wafers. My favourite being vanilla or chocolate.

    The uncle that stands outside Wistra Atrium has put his three kidz thru school and university just from selling the ice cream .... thats why he does it every single day ... just for his kidz.

  6. great photos!
    wow a very different ice cream sandwich~chocolate sounds safe but i would want to try a local flavor to experience Singapore.
    Lol so I would need to buy two!
    Lovely learning about your home abroad.

  7. cant believe you life in amazing

  8. Hey I like the durian flavour... :) But Chocolate's my ultimate favourite.

  9. thats crazy! my mother use to serve our ice cream on bread just like that and everyone thought we were weird...nope just poor, but it was an awesome treat. crazy that we werent that different ey? love the photos fren :o)

  10. My favourite is the sweet corn, because it actually has the occasional corn kernel


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