Keep it Classy: a Gold Class Experience at the Movies


On a hot day, going to the movies and sitting in an air conditioned theater is always a great idea. Since going to the movies is something Jeff's dad loves to do, we went to the Golden Village theater at VivoCity and indulged in the Gold Class Experience. We watched the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Gold Class movie tickets grant you access to a private bar and lounge and a small theater with big, comfy seats. Along with typical movie theater food like popcorn and hot dogs, you can order a meal from a restaurant-style menu and have it delivered right to your seat. The whole experience makes you feel like a VIP.
Jeff getting ready to order from the menu. Our seats were like our own personal cocoons. 
 Popcorn and a bottle of wine, brought to our seats before the movie started.

The seats in this theater have call buttons so you can order food and drinks throughout the entire movie without leaving your seat. The comfy chairs also recline all the way and if you get cold at the movies, you can always use the throw blanket provided for you. Gold Class movie tickets are a bit pricey (SGD28 per ticket), but it's a fun and decadent movie watching experience. 


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