Beerfest Asia 2011


Here's a tried and true recipe for a good time: good music, good company, and beer. Lots of beer. At Beerfest Asia 2011 last night, Jeff and I got to try our favorite recipe and it turned out to be a really fun evening. 

We were invited to the opening night of Beerfest Asia thanks to SingTel. We sampled lots of different beers and listened to live music from the SingTel VIP area all night. 

At Beerfest Asia, there are over 200 types of beer to sample and purchase, including beers we dearly miss from the US and Canada like Rogue and Moosehead. This is the third year that Beerfest Asia has taken place in Singapore. An estimated 30,000 people will attend this weekend. 

I'm not sure if it's sold out yet, but if you can get your hands on a ticket you should definitely go. Tickets can be found at Sistic and according to the Beerfest Asia website, you can buy tickets at the door. 
As the official multimedia partner of Beerfest Asia, SingTel outfitted the VIP sections with flat screen TVs which aired SingTel's mioTV sports channels all night. SingTel also provided foosball tables for Beerfest Asia, which were a big hit. I think Jeff managed to get almost everyone at our table to play with him at some point during the night. 
There are two music tents at Beerfest Asia: the Rock Tent and the Blues Tent. The live bands we heard last night were pretty good Beatles and Rolling Stones cover bands. There's also a comedy tent with comedians from all over the world. You can learn more about the entertainment at Beerfest Asia here.

Thanks to the kind folks at SingTel and Goodstuph for inviting us to Beerfest Asia last night and being such great hosts. It was a lot of fun and Jeff and I will be back on Saturday. If you're going to be there, let us know! 


  1. I don't drink beer, but this still sounds really fun :-)

    And that first photo with all the different beer bottles is really cool!

  2. well written ..... and photos are superb!!

    It was a good night and everyone enjoyed themselves .... have fun tomorrow!!

  3. It's like Oktoberfest... in June! Awesome!

  4. Where there is beer, you will follow! Looks like a lot of fun.

  5. hahaha, i was just gonna say something but i noticed fauna beat me to it! tru tru!

  6. ooh I just went back in your blog to find this blog post! Heading to the beerfest on Saturday and so excited! Were the lines long? And was there any good food in there, do you remember?

    1. The lines weren't that long, but we got VIP tickets so we had our own, less crowded bar and seating area. The food was okay, although kind of expensive. I remember one of the days we were there we just ended up eating at the Singapore Food Trail.

      Have a great time!


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